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Auðumbla  (oud-hoom-blah)

In the Norse Mythology creation story the first cow was called Auðumbla. Auðumbla was responsible for licking away the primordial ice and giving its milk to ensure the survival of the first man.
The Auðumbla is said to be the first domesticated cow just after the ice age that gave life to mankind as we know it.
We chose the name Auðumbla because like the first cow, we too want to give life to the land and its people.

Image by Hans Eiskonen

 A Little about us

We are a veteran and family owned and operated ranch in the heart of Nebraska. After serving 20 years and retiring from the military, we decided to settle down and start a ranch in the middle of America.


But we wanted to do things differently.


We believe that regenerative ranching is not only a sustainable business but a sustainable practice for the planet. 

The benefits of regenerative ranching and planned grazing promote the restoration of our soil and grasslands, enhancing the biodiversity of our ecosystem while sequestrating carbon.

Our philosophy on cattle and land management allows us the opportunity to produce natural beef that enhances the health of the people who enjoy it and the land that creates it. 

We produce the quality of beef that we want our own family to eat.

The owners viewing a hayfield

Why Auðumbla Beef?

We are a small, family ranch dedicated to providing the best quality and best tasting grass-fed beef. 

  • Our beef is naturally lean and has a much deeper flavor than feedlot beef. Its dark red color is a result of the cattle having been allowed to grow slowly on only grasses and the plants that occur naturally on our land. 

  • Our cattle are humanely raised on regenerative managed pasture land in Holt County, Nebraska. They are calved outside, they run outside, and they are never sent to a feedlot. We harvest only a few cattle at a time, using the most humane and stress-free methods.

  • Our ranch land is managed through  regenerative and planned mob grazing, a method mimicking natural movements of herds of herbivores. Regenerative ranching helps improve soil fertility as well as nourish the cattle. 

  • We provide grass-fed cattle from our own herd as well as other like minded regenerative ranchers.

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